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We are in love with Morgan! We are super happy with the way y'all work with the puppies and the way y'all treat them. We are so looking forward to getting another puppy from y'all!

Hannah R



Wriggly is a special puppy for sure, he has such a unique personality. We couldn't be happier with him. He is such an addorable dog! We have referred several of our friends to you. 

Mark G

Chloe Stella


Chloe Stella is such a beautiful, loving and caring member of our family. She is a playful girl and is extremely spoiled by daddy and mommy. Anyone who meets her, falls in love with her. She loves kids and is very gentle with them. She has such a beautiful temperament. I would really recommend getting one from these guys. She has brought so much joy to our family.




Margo is perfect, better than I could ask for. She is doing so swell. She is the sweetest, most loving dog I have ever met! She was a breeze to train. I am so grateful you were willing to work with me to get her. She is the perfect addition to my little family.

Morgan C.

Samwise Gamgee


Sam has the best temperament. I attribute it to the great socialization from your children's gentle handling of the puppies and loving them into happy and confident dogs.

Carol P.



When I first decided to get another pup, I was a bit nervous because I already had a fur baby that I thought owned my whole heart. However, getting a new addition was ultimately what I wanted. When I reached out to Christi, she was so kind and helpful. She continually kept me updated on mama dog and the puppies. I received pictures weekly and instantly my decision was made. I spotted the one I knew I just had to have, my Whiskey girl. Whiskey is the light of our family. She is the sweetest and most beautiful girl. I constantly get compliments on her features and personality. She is very smart and picked up tricks very quickly.
Also, Her and her fur sister get along perfectly. They are the best of friends and partners in crime. Whiskey was one of the best decisions I have made. She always makes me laugh and greets me with love. Without a doubt, she now shares my heart. I love her over the moon.

Morgan H.



Ruby has the best temperament and is a great dog.  She loves to play, loves people, and likes to play with other dogs, but she is very relaxed in the house.  She is a great hiking companion, and likes to go everywhere with us. She is so happy when we come home, and will bring you shoes, and she will carry them around but she has a soft mouth and doesn’t chew them up. We adore her!




Holly is such a love bug! Ever since she was a puppy she would come and thank us for feeding her! In the mornings she would jump on our bed and cuddle us to let us know she has to go! She tries to catch butterflies and birds. She picks up training commands very quickly and gets jealous if she’s not chosen as a class example!


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