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Pick Up Day is Here!

The day has finally arrived when you can take your new friend home! We are thrilled for you. We want to help make sure you and your new puppy have the easiest possible transition to your new life together. We have compiled a list below, of the things you will need to get for you, and your new puppy's health and happiness. 


What we will do:

We will work with your puppy every day to help him/her learn to socialize with their human and animal friends. We will show him/her lots of love and attention. We will give them their first shots and they will be on a wormer regiment. We will inspect them for any signs of stress, discomfort or any health issues. We will strive every day to show your new puppy all the love and attention he/she will get from their new family.


We will send you regular picture and text updates from the time you place your deposit, to the day you pick up your new friend.

We will contact you at least a week before the puppy is ready to go home, to schedule a time that works for both parties, to come pick up your new puppy.


We are available any time to answer any questions you might have about the care and feeding of your new puppy. Feel free to give us a call or shoot us a text or email with your questions regarding your new puppy.


We offer a 1 year genetic health guarantee for your new puppy. (Please read our contract carefully for all the details.) 

What you will need to do:


You will need to make a safe area at your home where the puppy can sleep or stay for a while when you are not available and at night. The space will need to be free of anything he/she could chew on that they shouldn't, such as wires, cords, furniture, toys, books etc. Not only can it harm your belongings, but it can make your new puppy sick, if he ingests a foreign object or foreign substance. The puppy's little stomach can be messed up fairly easily if they eat something they shouldn't. The area should also be free of anything that he/she could hurt themselves with in any way. We recommend a dog crate. This allows him/her to feel somewhat protected and sheltered, and it keeps them away from harm.

Our Health Guarantee is contingent on you feeding your puppy a healthy diet of Life's Abundance puppy food and wellness vitamins. This diet will give your new puppy the best chance to have a long healthy life. We feel strongly that this is the best diet for your new puppy(Click the buttons to order) We will send you with a small bag of food to get you through the first couple of days. But you will need to purchase this food in advance of picking up your new puppy to insure you don't run out. 

A note about why we require Life's Abundance dog food:


First, we’d like to say: You are welcome to feed your dog any food you like... The most important step to keeping a puppy healthy is the puppy’s diet. Unfortunately there are many dog food brands that look great but have many ingredients that are harmful to the dogs. Multiple studies have shown a direct link between many popular dog foods brands and cancer and other serious illness in dogs. Since dog food can be such a problem for puppies, if we are going to provide a one year health guarantee, we have to make sure the puppy is getting the proper nutrition and eating a healthy diet. In our research, we feel that Life’s Abundance is the best choice for our puppies for a couple reasons.

1, It is a very healthy dog food, free of chemicals and unhealthy ingredients. It has been created by vets, dog nutritionists and animal experts.
2, It is not overly pricey. (You can get a good discount if you set up auto-ship.) Most high-quality dog food brands costs substantially more. We don’t want to create a burden for our new puppy families.

3, Life’s abundance has a program that keeps track of the food bought and would provide easy proof that the puppy was fed the specified food in the case it was needed for a health guarantee claim.

But with all this said, you would be free to feed you puppy anything you want. But we can only provide a 1 year health guarantee if the puppy is fed Life’s Abundance dog food exclusively. If another food is fed to the puppy, it would void the one year guarantee.



You will need to bring your remaining balance with you when you come to pick up the puppy. We do take Credit Cards and PayPal for your convenience  (4% processing fee will apply).  Apple Pay, Money Orders or Cash is the preferred method of payment. (No processing fees for these methods of payment.)

Here is a list of things that you will need to purchase before you pick up your new puppy:

  • Life's Abundance Puppy Food

  • Life's Abundance Wellness Vitamins

  • Food Bowl (not cheap, thin plastic, as the puppy might chew it up)

  • Water Bowl

  • Dog Crate

Here are some things we would recommend for you to have on hand:


  • Liner for crate

  • Toys

  • Collar

  • Leash

  • Rawhide bones or other chew toys

  • Treats

  • Puppy shampoo

  • Brush

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