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Carolina Rose
CKC Registered  Goldendoodle

Carolina is a medium-sized F-1 Goldendoodle. She has a beautiful curly, dark red coat of fur with a white chest. She has the tight curls a Goldendoodle is known for. She loves to fetch a ball or play with our children or our other dogs. She is a happy, loving girl. Carolina is our first puppy child to join our kennels. Her mom is Georgia May and her dad is Edison​. We are so excited to take this step. We couldn't be happier with how she's turning out. Carolina is a playful happy lady. Our children love to spend time playing fetch with her. 

Carolina's puppies will be small to medium sized F1-B Goldendoodles. They are generally a little bit curlier haired than an F-1 Goldendoodle, and they will be even more hypoallergenic than an F-1 Goldendoodle. They tend to have the teddy bear face that is sought after. 

Carolina's Previous Litters

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BL0A1261 copy
BL0A1431 copy
BL0A1413 copy
BL0A1501 copy
BL0A1243 copy
BL0A1344 copy
BL0A1266 copy
BL0A1403 copy
BL0A1527 copy
BL0A1418 copy
BL0A1372 copy
BL0A1495 copy
BL0A1285 copy
BL0A1475 copy
BL0A1374 copy
BL0A1262 copy
BL0A1492 copy
BL0A1326 copy
BL0A1497 copy
BL0A1231 copy
BL0A1367 copy
BL0A1213 copy
BL0A1455 copy
BL0A1382 copy
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