Our Farm

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A Rainbow Over Our Farm Entrance

We live at the end of a winding drive on a ten acre farm near Waco TX. Shady oaks surround our home and grassy pastures. We enjoy spending time with our eight children, growing gardens, caring for our animals and sometimes making a project out in Dad's wood shop.  The kids like to ride the ponies and romp with our five dogs. Picking beans or tomatoes, swinging on the rope swing, taking a spin on the "cowboy", or just a walk at sunset, we love life on our little farm.

Our 17 year old son, Howard, wrote a little article about our pandemic year. It was some kind of year! 

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Kids & puppies

Pics From our Farm this year so far

Family Pics from our 2020 trip to Colorado

Our Chicken Coop

May, 2020: We have been working as a family, on the construction of a new chicken coop here on our farm. We are very excited about our new coop! We bought 12 Red Star laying hens and 26 Golden Laced Wyandotte chicks. We built runs on the both sides of the coop. We have meat birds on one side and laying hens on the other side. We put in large "stadium lights" on the backside of the coop to allow us to work in the garden at night to try to beat the Texas heat.