Molly Ella

CKC Registered  Goldendoodle

Molly is a full-sized F-1 Goldendoodle. She has a beautiful curly white coat with dark red markings on her faces and on her sides, she has little red "freckles" throughout her coat as well. She has the tight curls a Goldendoodle is known for. She loves to fetch a ball or play with our children or our other dogs. She is a happy, loving girl. We are so happy to have found this distinctly marked F-1 Goldendoodle mama. We have had her since she was a little pup, and she has grown up so quickly and turned into a wonderful young lady. 

Molly's puppies will be standard sized F1-B Goldendoodles. They are generally a little bit curlier haired than an F-1 Goldendoodle, and they will be even more hypoallergenic than an F-1 Goldendoodle. They tend to have the teddy bear face that is sought after. 

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